Prathom 1-2 Field Trip 2014

On Tuesday, August 26, EIP students in grades 1-2 visited KidZania in Bangkok’s Siam Paragon. KidZania is a life-like, kid-sized, city. It gives kids a unique and engaging role-play experience while developing essential life skills (money management, independent decision making and teamwork).  Each and every one of the shops and buildings in Kidzania was a learning … Read more

006.2014 P18 CHINESE CLASS

2014 Chinese Classes

Several pictures of EIP Prathom Chinese classes have been uploaded to the Prathom Gallery. To see the pictures now, click on the links below. P1/8 Chinese class P1/9 Chinese class P1/10 Chinese class P2/8 Chinese class P2/9 Chinese class P2/10 Chinese class P3/8 Chinese class P3/9 Chinese class P3/10 Chinese class P4/9 Chinese class P4/10 … Read more

0023.2014 Science Fair Bubbles & Surface Tension

Science Fair 2014

On the 19th and 20th of August, EIP Science students participated in the annual BCC Prathom Science Fair. Many displays were available for visitors to view. The EIP Science students’ displays were: Acid and Base Test; Bubbles and Surface Tension; Microscopes and Cells; and Recycled Paper Flying Machines. Science fair projects are normally intended to demonstrate … Read more

0017.2014 August Preservation of Thai Ways

Preservation of Thai Ways August 2014

The preservation of Thai ways program has been established to ensure that Thai traditions and mannerisms remain an important part of life in the Kingdom. The program embraces all students and encourages them to take part in its activities and gain greater appreciation and respect for their Thai culture. Monthly recognition ceremonies have been planned and … Read more

001.2014 Mothers Day

Mother’s Day 2014

On the 8th of August, 2014, BCC celebrated Mother’s Day in Thailand. Everyone gathered on the football pitch for the official ceremonies. Mother’s Day was first introduced to Thailand on the 15th of April, 1950. In 1976, Mother’s Day was changed to the 12th of August to commemorate the birthday of Her Majesty Queen Sirikit ,the Mother of … Read more

006.2014 English P5 Board Games

Board Games 2014

Over the course of two weeks P5 English students had to create their own board games. Requirements called for each game to include all the rules and instructions, the game board, all player pieces, and the box containing the game. Students were encouraged to use the imperative in their instructions. Many students chose an environmental theme … Read more

0010.2014 Health P1 Types of Teeth and Their Functions

Teeth Types 2014

P1 Health students made moldings of their teeth in the lab. Why? To discover what types of teeth they had. Students learned that different types of teeth have different functions – and humans have more than one type. Using the supplied materials; students took impressions of their teeth, allowed the impressions to dry, viewed the … Read more