Bangkok Christian College English Immersion Program

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Welcome to the English Immersion Program at Bangkok Christian College.


Our English Immersion Program is dedicated to providing students with the opportunity to develop international communication skills through world standard curriculum.  Classes are conducted in English with the exception of Thai courses.  Students are engaged in learning within a multi-cultural context which allows them to formulate solutions to complex problems which arise within the international community.  It is our goal to enable the students to acquire the fundamental skills necessary to be successful in all areas of study.


We have an extensive course list in order to provide students with a structured method to build a strong foundation which will allow them to adapt their existing knowledge to advanced levels of thinking.  Students are immersed in the English language in every aspect of their core curriculum:  Science, Math, English, Business, Health, and Computer Sciences.  They may choose to focus on specialized subjects upon entering upper Mattayom.  As they become goal oriented, they will have developed the ability to apply their knowledge in their chosen field of study.  They may also consider to study abroad through various programs.

0059.2014 September Cultural Studies (Thai Ways) Awards


Our state-of-the-art facilities provide each student with the capability to excel in an increasingly technological world.  Students will experience real world scenarios in an environment which prepares them to interact with new ideas and generate solutions when faced with complicated challenges.  Our program is designed to ensure that students are able to become independent and contribute to the international community by expressing their unique cultural experience.


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We welcome you to our school and to our department. 

English Immersion Program,

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