Numeracy Ninjas 2017

This semester, the Mathayom 1 students have been participating in a program called Numeracy Ninjas. Numeracy Ninjas is a program designed to help students build their skills in using mathematical concepts and develop fluency in the use of numbers and math concepts. Once weekly, students take a 5 minute quiz designed to test their abilities in a variety of problem types. The timed nature of the tests helps students develop the practice of solving simple problems quickly and accurately. As the semester has progressed, there has been significant progress in numeracy skills recorded in all three classes.

Students answer 30 questions each week, and those students answering all 30 questions correctly are awarded the coveted “Black Belt” for the week. Students who earn 5 “Black Belts” are awarded “Grand Master” status and presented with a certificate to document their accomplishment. In December, 2016, Five students from Mathayom 1 were awarded “Grand Master” status: In Mathayom 110, Waranyoo Rojpalakorn, and in Mathayom 111, Urawish Jiraworapark, Puthipat Thalerngnawadnart, Napat Luangpanyakul and Phudit Laokarnkigkul. Congratulations to all the students participating in the program, and best of luck in pursuing and achieving “Grand Master” status as a Numeracy Ninja.