M5 and M6 Advert for Junior Achievement (2012)

A short trailer for a JA Competition, put together by student from M5 and M6.

Munch! – Junior Achievement 2012 from EIP, Bangkok Christian College on Vimeo.


M5 Short Movie Project (2012)

Student from M5 worked in groups to film short movies as a final project in semester 2. Take a look at one of them below, or visit us on Accademic Day 2013 to see the full screening of all the short movies.

Envy from EIP, Bangkok Christian College on Vimeo.


M3 Short Animation Project (2011)

For this project, students had to learn the fundamentals of Adobe Flash CS5, the work in groups of 4-5 students to create a 2 minute short animation. They were given roles like Director, Sound Editor, Lead Animator and Video Editor. They had to manage workflow, overcome technical problems, and use distributed file systems to work together to produce a final project. Most of the project were outstanding, and we are now building a team of students to compete in a national competition to create a short animation about the environment.


Group A

Print, Teepop, Nattapol, Panjapong 

Group C

Teetwat, Pattarapol, Chanakarn, Kasitsak, Yossanon

Group F

Wannakorn, Run, Charn, Paladon