ASEAN Quiz, August 2012



25-27 AUG 2012 at Chiang Mai

Writen by Thanapat from M51

 On Saturday 25th August we left for Chiang Mai to participate in a national competition about ASEAN.

The competition was structured as follows:

SEMIFINALS = 100 multiple choices,  45 min

FINALS = 20 questions 2 parts, 10 each


At the semi finals, we divided our team into 3 groups
1 – “ASEAN specialists” that focus on ASEAN questions.

2 –“Science and Math specialists” focusing on the question involving math + general knowledge of Science.

3 – “Checking and answering” persons who double checked and answered every question

Some teams were not able to finish the quiz on time, even though they give us plenty of time. We finished our quiz about 5 minutes before the time was up. We were very happy when they announced our team would pass to the finals.

We were very exciting when we were standing on the stage in the final rounds. There were 2 parts.First, there were 10 questions which we were asked to write the answer in a “board” then showed it to the judges. We got 4 points from that round, with the highest scorer getting 6pts. On the second round which they let us chose the question (ordering by the highest scorers). This round, we had scored 6 more points, which made us the winner.

It was an amazing experience for both us and the school,

Tanapat, M513


For some photos of the event, see below: