The “Lazy Eye” Project

By Pitchapon Jirawongsapan


The EIP together with Police General Hospital set up “The Lazy Eye” project. The objective of this project was to give  check ups to Prathom 1 students for optical problems, which can possibly lead to lazy eyes disorder (Amblyopia). This is where optical nerves are undeveloped and when affected, it cannot be totally cured. The Prathom 1 Amblyopia checkup was held on September 3rd and 7th , 2013. Later in October, these students also checked teachers’ eyes in the school’s annual teacher checkup.


Until checkup days, our student team planned very hard on this project, with Pol.Maj.Gen.Doctor Somchai Wutthinarongtrakul, a professional ophthalmologist from Police General Hospital as a consultant and M6’s Tanapat Pornsukjantra as the president. The student team consisted of committees who plan most of the work and a collection of staff students from Mathayom 2 to 5 who worked like ophthalmologist on checkup days.

This project did not only give participants knowledge on eye disorders commonly found in children and adults, but it also gave EIP students chance to get to know each other more, to practice teamwork and gain working skills.

Below is a small gallery of photos of the project. To see the full gallery of over 150 photos, click here.

Pitchapon Jirawongsapan




“We would like to thank both Pol.Maj.Gen.Doctor Somchai Wutthinarongtrakul for helping educated our students and making this project a success, and to all those students who took part in planning, training and the actual testing days. “

EIP Mathayom