Robotics Club


The NXT 2.0 ‘brick’, the base for programming Lego robots.

Semester 2, Academic Year 2013.14

This semester, the EIP Mathayom has introduced a Robotics club for selected students from M2 and M3.

We have made 4 different Lego Mindstorm NXT 2.0 kits available. The end goal is to teach students about robotics and all the disciplines involved. These including programming, engineering, mathematics and physics. This semester will involve a lot of building and experimentation, and end with a demonstration at Academic Day in January.

For the next academic year (2014.15) we are hoping to have two different clubs, one that will compete in national competitions.

Session 1 – Sorting

Session 2 – Building and a little football

Session 3 – Refining and back to the drawing board.

Session 4 – Using Lego Digital Designer to make tanks

Session 5 – Team Football