Tamech Competition

Thai Aerial Mission Engineering Challenge 2014 (TAMECH)


3 students from M3 in the EIP entered a competition to create 2 drones, held by the Royal Thai Air Force.

One  manual, with an complex course to traverse.

The second drone  fully automatic and using GPS coordinates to navigate a course, drop a payload, and then return to base.

The competition was held on 23rd through 25th March 2013.

Here’s what we have been working on:









Day 1 – Automatic Drone Competition

Our first day was a two round event for an automatic drone. We had to take off, fly to a buck to drop off some golf balls, the fly to another barrel to read a special number and then land successfully.

Unfortunately the first round we had technical issues with interference, so could not take off. The second round we manages to take off, but due to calibration issues where we were meant to fly at 4 meters high, instead we flew at 4 cm and had an epic crash.

But considering we were the only high school students, and going up against top university programs like Chula who also couldn’t manage a take off, it was amazing to be part of this, and the students really enjoyed it.  Take a look at some of the pics of the day below.



Day 2 – Automatic & Manual Drone Competition

The second day of the competition involved one last attempt to do an automatic drone run. We had two attempts, the first resulted in a sever crash, the second in a failed take off. Later after students inspected the log reports, we discovered it was a simple GPS issue cause the robot to land heavily when loosing signal. Luckily, the judges put it down to human error and allowed us to pass into the manual round.

In the manual round we had two attempt to navigate a difficult course of hoops, barriers and a golf ball drop. The first round we suffered a rear propellor issue, cause a nasty take of and crash. After some quick repairs, we managed to enter round two, pass the first check point and arrive at the golf ball drop. Unfortunately we lost control and the drone crashed into the water.

In conclusion, this was three Mathayom 3 students competing in an Air Force run compeition, going up again under graduate students in engineering and robotics. IT was an amazing experience and hope to enter again next year.

Take a look at the photos of the final day below.